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What is PicknLearn Mobile Application?

PicknLearn started to fill the need of parents or students looking for a qualified tutor that suits their personal learning needs. The process of finding a tutor is troublesome as it takes on average 5-6 hours to find a tutor who is qualified and can fit in your schedule. Hence, PicknLearn was created to solve this problem.

PicknLearn is a location-based peer-to-peer mobile application that connects learners to highly qualified private tutors or mentors in 3 simple steps:

  • Search for your courses
  • Find a tutor based on your preferences (date, time, price, reviews, rating, education background, location, etc.)
  • Book a session

At PicknLearn, our aim is to contribute to the upcoming conventional & unconventional education industry by taking on the role of a seamless facilitator between learners to highly qualified private tutors itching to hand over their baton.

Download the application to get started (Android | IOS)

The platform works on two major fronts. 

A Freelance tutoring platforms for all tutors, trainers, educators & educational & extracurricular service providers. The location-based application enables tutors to post their classes along with the number of available spots per time slots while. And also choose from a home tutoring, visiting, or an online service through PicknLearn’s very own online tutoring platform. 

Marketplace for students & parents looking for a personalized learning experience. The students/parents could enrol for classes as per their preference and convenience with any tutor of their choosing as per their convenience. If in case the requirement is not available they could post a class request that will notify all qualified tutors in the surrounding of their requirement and the tutors would get in touch with them to provide the service as per their preferred method of learning.

Download the application to get started (Android | IOS)

What are the courses available on PicknLearn?

You can find a wide variety of courses on PicknLearn:

  • Extracurricular Subjects (Singing, Dancing, Music Instruments, Yoga, Personal Training)
  • School subjects for all grades and curriculums (Math, Science, Economics, Social studies)
  • University Prep tests (GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS SAT)
  • University course assistance for all majors and programas
  • Technical skills (Coding, AI, SEO, ASO, Marketing, PMP, MBA)
  • Languages (English, French, Sinhala, Tamil, Hindi, Spanish)

Download the application to get started (Android | IOS)

Who are the tutors on the app?

PicknLearn tutors are experts in the field that they teach. All tutors are going through a background check and we have a verification process before a tutor can post any classes on the platform.

There is an option for anyone who has interest in sharing knowledge to teach on the platform such as university students, however since they are not qualified, they would not have the same rating as an experienced tutor.

Once we approve them, our tutors are trained, verified & certified by PicknLearn. We are currently working with various institutions to improve our tutors teaching methodologies, techniques, strategies once they get on our platform to start tutoring.

You can select your tutor based on their profile, their background, the number of hours they have tutored on the application, in addition to the reviews and rating they received from other learners.

Download the application to get started (Android | IOS)

Why do parents choose PicknLearn as their go-to platform?

PicknLearn guarantees the satisfaction of every student/parent/tutor. We believe we could enhance the academic performance of our students by a minimum of 25% to 50% because of the affordable personalization factor that we provide. We are planning to work in collaboration with the respective countries educational authorities to authenticate and be recognized and accredited as a governing body that is merely there to make education accessible to everyone.

Download the application to get started (Android | IOS)

Where do the sessions take place?

Once the class is booked, or the class is posted, the learner and tutor are asked which method would be most suitable for them, they have the liberty of choosing any of the following. Incall class, (where the tutor will be visiting the learner), Outcall class,  (where the learner will be visiting the tutor), The tutors could choose a pre-registered institute location to hold the classes as well.  We have classes conducted in common location as well such as (coffee shop, lounge, library). And now to the main part, which is the online classes, given the current situation of the world with COVD-19 affecting everything around us, the class could be conducted online through our platform for free!

Download the application to get started (Android | IOS)

Do I have to pay to use PicknLearn?

Picknlearn is available free of charge. You can download the app for free; you will only pay for your session once it is over! You can choose to pay by card or in the app wallet, depending on your personal preference. Some tutors also offer you the chance to book packages at a predetermined and heavily discounted price. Tutors have the liberty to control the price however they choose necessary as it allows the classes to occur in a free market without a cap. However, we do monitor everything to make sure there is no fraud or misuse of the application or the students that use our application. 

Download the application to get started (Android | IOS)

Is the online payment feature secure?

YES! Payhere, is an official online payment gateway of Sampath Bank which is regulated by the Central Bank Of Sri Lanka which manages all of PicknLearn’s payments. Since our HQ is based in Sri Lanka, all payments are handled through them. PicknLearn does not store any payment details in its databases or server.  You can be sure that all your financial information is secure and is not shared with any third party.

Download the application to get started (Android | IOS)

Can I become a tutor on the app?

YES! Ofc you can. However as mentioned before we have a strict screening process and a background check followed by a rating system that would depend on your qualifications. However, we welcome anyone who would like to share their knowledge with anyone that wishes to learn. The platform is made for that purpose after all. These are some point that would be beneficial for you as a tutor

  • A degree or Teacher Training Certificate
  • If you have 1-3 years of tutoring experience
  • A minimum of B+ in the courses/subjects that you want to teach
  • 5-10 years hands on experience in any industry you would like to train
  • Passion to share your knowledge & Excellent communication skills  

You can download the PicknLearn app, and sign up as a tutor. Once you complete your profile, your profile will be screened by our team, and we will  get back to you within 24- 48 hours if you meet the requirements and you will receive the verification badge next to your profile.

If you are interested in signing up as a tutor on PicknLearn, download the app now, signup as a tutor and complete the required steps.

Download the application to get started (Android | IOS)

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