Why is there a growing need for private tutors?

The world we live in today has grown to become incredibly aggressive with age old friends
competing with each other and parents flaunting their child’s scores whilst embarking upon
their evening walks. Education seems to have taken a backseat as the limelight falls on the
rat race, that is life itself. In the midst of it all, students are slowly stripped away of their
imagination and sheer creativity and the end product is a mere ‘brick in the wall’.

Bagging the title of ‘Highest literacy rate in Asia’ with a 92%, education has claimed the
highest priority in most Sri Lankan households. It thereby goes without saying that these
homes are filled with students desperate to prove their abilities in competitive papers such as
the O/L and A/L examinations and it is here that private tutors make their grand debut.

A one-on-one learning session, proving to be extremely effective with children irrespective
of their ages, allows a quicker and wider grasp of concepts taught. The switch from the
regular hustle and bustle in classrooms with paper planes flying about to a class conducted in
the comfort of their own homes has been recognized by families by the dozen. Private tutors
eliminate the prime suspect of low grades: distraction. With personalized teaching styles
being provided to a student who in turn gives his/her undivided attention, the learning
process seems to simplify itself. This provides the chance for students to retain their
individual ways of thinking while simultaneously, allowing them to learn the syllabi with
approaches favorable to their understanding.

The guided assistance offered by tutors simply supports students in a manner that caters to
their personal aim; one that is often gone unnoticed in a classroom full of students. A certain
peace is brought forth, one that encourages students to learn, and not simply memorize; one
that blossoms with time into an urge to spread the light of knowledge to all those around

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